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50FIFTY ‘Nina’

This is my first blog out ‘on location’! Welcome to the extraordinary Higgins Coffee Shop where the coffee is sublime! Fantastic aroma as you walk through the door of teas, coffee and spice. Today I mixed violin sounds with aromas, blending music notes with coffee notes! Experience it for yourself here – at 79 Duke Street, London – click here for their website.

Higgins is a wonderful place to buy the best coffees and teas from around the world –  a shop with a uniquely classic ‘British’ ambience. Downstairs is a cafe where you can drink the coffee and tea – it is a little oasis in London – a quiet place where you can relax, talk and enjoy the environment.

Below are some pictures of Higgins – pictures of me with Melvyn Jacob from H R Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd.




‘Corelli leaves’

It’s a week since the incredible performance by the Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment at the Queen Elizabeth Hall of my first orchestral piece ‘Corelli leaves’ ! A wonderful orchestra celebrating 300 years since the death of Corelli; master of the violin in his lifetime and who left a legacy of cornerstone violin repertoire for generations of violinists to follow. Beautiful, considered pieces, which he reworked over time to perfect and polish.

It was a great honour to write a new work to sit alongside these time tested classics and the resulting ‘Corelli leaves’ was the greatest challenge of my career to date. Thank you so much to the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, to their awesome leader Alison Bury and to the whole team at the OAE for such an opportunity and four magnificent performances! Thanks to Trunch and Bradford-upon-Avon for taking the new work!

In the lead up to the concert the OAE did a short interview with me that you can find on vimeo by following this link.